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We are a Brunei registered company that provides HRMS solution to overcome SME’s HR administrative challenges.

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Our awesome core features

Useful, Paperless and Automated core HR features that streamline your processes providing Time, Resources and Money saving for a more efficient and productive business operation.

Centralized Employee Management

Store, organize and manage all your employee’s information on the Cloud giving accessibility on one single platform, anytime, anywhere.

Attendance Tracking & monitoring

Simple QR & Facial attendance taking via our mobile Attendance Scanning App with real time updates to the system. Saving time wastage on attendance collecting and counting at the end of every month.

E-Leave & E-Claims

Streamlining your leave and claims processes online. A simple way to improve monitoring, control, efficiency, transparency and accuracy at work.

Employee Self-Service (ESS)

Empowering everyone. Save time and hassle by granting access to Employees for online Self-Service for a more efficient workflow. A Truly paperless experience.

Live Payroll

Carry out payroll review, preparations and adjustments with ease and accuracy with our fully integrated payroll systems that prepare itself every step real-time as it happens. We support local TAP & SCP calculation too.

Report Generation

Generating accurate and relevant data reports can now be done with just a few simple clicks that even you can get done within minutes.

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Track and Roll was established in 2018 to provide a cost-effective and user-friendly human resource solutions for small businesses

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